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Top 10 Companies in Wound Care Market - 2020

Though the human body has a tremendous capability to heal itself, wound healing can stall and create chronic non-healing wounds for several reasons such as ischemia, bacterial contamination, and chronic inflammation. Chronic non-healing wounds are significant healthcare challenges that affect many people; they exert a severe financial burden and are the leading cause of limb amputation.

Considering all the factors, the medical technology industry is continuously evolving and developing new technologies that enhance the safety and well-being of patients around the world. Various innovations are happening across a wide range of wound treatment techniques, such as debridement, pressure management, extracellular matrix, surgical instruments, and more, to heal these wounds. These wound care technologies offer benefits such as upgrading dressing methods and analyzing wound condition by featuring cost-effectiveness. Healthcare providers invest large sums in wound care product growth programs and in implementing wound treatment solutions.

Better wound care strategies can help reduce the time and incidence of surgical dehiscence and infection and minimize readmission cases, additional procedures, and complications. These advanced technologies allow medical professionals to diagnose, treat more efficiently, and track slow-healing, chronic wounds.

Accessing wound data, performing in-depth analyzes, and understanding the future threat, helps professionals make a smart treatment decision. Advanced medical technology allows us to explore effective wound healing methods. Today, there are many solutions that help the body harness healing prowess and regenerate tissues more effectively.

In this edition of MD Tech Review, we present to you the “Top 10 Companies in Wound Care Market - 2020”. The companies compiled in this issue have exhibited extensive business process knowledge and in-depth, integrated, and innovative strategies in the space.

    Top Companies in Wound Care Market

  • Amniox is currently focusing its research efforts on clinical trials to show how an investigational form of their umbilical cord product can potentially help patients with chronic, complex wounds. Results were recently published for the company’s multicenter, open-label interventional Phase 2 Clinical Trial in patients with Wagner grades 3 and 4 complex diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs). The results indicate that cryop reserved human umbilical cord (TTAX01) is a promising adjunct therapy for the management of complex, non-healing diabetic foot ulcers complicated by osteomyelitis. These results are comparable to previously reported results using the commercially available cUC in a retrospective study

  • Imbed Biosciences Inc. is a privately held medical device company emerging as a leader in the development of advanced therapies for the treatment of burns, chronic ulcers, gastro-intestinal defects, and soft-tissue repair. The company has a portfolio of products in development based on its patented MicroLyte Matrix technology that presents bioactive molecules on tissue surfaces to combat local pain and infections. The microscale matrix accelerates cell migration and reduces antibiotic/opioid abuse. Company is registered with U.S. FDA as a medical device manufacturer and maintains an ISO 13485 certified Quality Management System.

  • Applied Tissue Technologies

    Applied Tissue Technologies

    Applied Tissue Technologies was founded in 2000 with an aim to bring advanced wound healing technologies to patients. The company focuses on medical innovation driven by science. It has a global portfolio of patented treatment methods and proprietary devices, enabling caregivers to heal wounds more efficiently in established economic zones and additionally in undeveloped and developing countries through the use of non-powered and battery-powered technologies. Applied Tissue Technologies focuses its research initiatives in advanced wound healing technologies in the area of Prolonged Field Care and Regenerative Medicine with the continued support of the US Department of Defense, the US Army, the Defense Health Agency and the SBIR.

  • ASO


    ASO is one of the market leaders in producing high-quality consumer wound and health care products which are now the preferred choice for consumers in the USA and abroad. ASO products are primarily sold under the brand name of mass merchandisers, food and grocery retailers, drug store chains, as well as distributors in professional medical markets. ASO has partnered with these retailers to provide high-quality products with innovative brand strategies which build store brand value, increase returns, and enhance market share in the categories of products supplied by the company.

  • DermaRite Industries

    DermaRite Industries

    Manufacturer of cost-effective skin care, wound care, and nutritional supplements for healthcare facilities, including hospitals, nursing homes, hospice, and home care. The company was founded in 1995 and has a state of the art manufacturing and warehousing facility is in North Bergen, New Jersey. With a distribution and sales network throughout the United States, facilities can be assured of fast, reliable service and personalized attention. DermaRite customers also receive access to a wide range of clinical and educational tools, making us one of the best values in the industry. The company is an FDA, and OSHA approved manufacturer.

  • Neodyne Biosciences, Inc

    Neodyne Biosciences, Inc

    Neodyne Biosciences is an evidence-based company developing and commercializing innovative tissue repair devices to minimize scar formation, restoring both function and aesthetic appearance. Utilizing its patented technology, the company believes that effective scar minimization will become a reality for many of those undergoing surgical procedures. Neodyne's strategy is to establish our technology as a global standard of care for the prevention of scarring – initially entering the market with aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery solutions, and then expanding beyond plastic surgery with our technology to address various injury and non-discretionary surgical incisional wounds.

  • Porex


    Porex Corporation is a time-tested market leader in porous materials development, manufacturing, and innovation with over 1,300 customers spread across 65 countries. Throughout the years Porex has helped some of the best ideas in the healthcare, consumer, and industrial markets become a reality, and delivered the high-quality products its customers rely on to maintain their reputation and support their bottom line. The company is dedicated to innovative porous materials solutions.

  • Riverpoint Medical

    Riverpoint Medical

    Riverpoint Medical designs, develops, and markets next-generation medical devices for the veterinary and healthcare markets. The company is focused and quick to respond to the market and thrives on innovation. As a flourishing specialty device manufacturer in Portland, the company is one of the only suture manufacturers in the US and stand as innovators in synthetic absorbable and orthopedic suture materials. With Riverpoint's HS Fiber® UHMWPE suture line for sports med, the company remains the preferred partner for those seeking premium suture solutions for their device.

  • Southwest Technologies

    Southwest Technologies

    Southwest Technologies is the manufacturer of the Elasto-Gel™ technology. The company was established in 1981 with the purpose of treating the world well through the utilization of its unique technology. The company's mission is to manufacture, market and distribute products consistent with high-quality standards and truly offer people comfort and healing. SWT has applied the scientific principles of chemistry, physics and biochemistry to the science of wound healing, rehabilitation concerns and pain management. SWT operates under the guidelines of FDA, CGMP and ISO standards EN13485.

  • WoundMatrix


    WoundMatrix offers a state of the art comprehensive wound management software solution. The company is a national and international provider, developer and licensor of Telehealth and Wound Care solutions utilized by some of the most prestigious commercial, governmental and institutional users in the fields of clinical research, telemedicine, home care, inpatient and outpatient facilities. WoundMatrix has focused on creating an industry-leading healthcare software company by providing unmatched value for our clients. WoundMatrix Web is the first mobile and web-based, easy-to-use wound documentation technology solution.